domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

Van Halen - Jump

I get up,And nothing gets me downYou got it tough,I've seen the toughest aroundAnd I knowBaby just how you feelYou've got to ro-o-oll with the punches and get to what's real

(Bridge)Ah Can't you see that standing here I got my back against the record machine?I ain't the worst that you've seenAh Can't you see what I mean?
(Chorus)Ah, might as well Jump (Jump!)Might as well JumpGo ahead and Jump (Jump!)Go ahead and Jump
A-oh, hey you, who said that,Baby how you been?You say you don't you don't kno-o-owYou won't know until you're deep in
(repeat Bridge)
(Chorus 2)Might as well Jump (Jump!)Go ahead and JumpMight as well Jump (Jump!)Go ahead and Jump
(guitar solo followed by keyboard solo)
(repeat Chorus 2)
(repeat "Jump!" to fade)

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